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Make Rotor's unit-tests pass


Rotor's unit-tests produce a C++ source files of 500K LOC. It is a very complete unit-tests, testing a lot the BCL as well as .NET features (like heavily the generics).
The goal of this task is to be able to compile and run most of ROTOR's unit-tests. In the process we need more BCL's implementations.
At first, CrossNetSystem will be the most impacted. Then I expect to find some issues that will force some fixes in the parser, finally after a lot of work, I will reach the state where the runtime will have to be fixed (mostly BCL's implementation).


OlivierNallet wrote Oct 6, 2007 at 6:13 AM

Great progress there!Out of 1601 unit-tests, 67 unit-tests are deactivated as they contain known unsupported features (they may be more to deactivate over time). Note that some unit tests can be really complex and lenghty.

The great news is that I was able to compile ROTOR's unit tests with less than 300 compile errors! A lot of errors are actually duplicated so I guess I may have just around 50 different errors.Remember that Rotor unit-tests produces more than 500K Line of C++ code. That makes an average of 1 compile error per 10K line of code of complex unit-tests. Pretty good.I'm going to delay the release and try to solve most of the issues before that.

Note that even if I reach 0 compile error, the code won't certainly link because of missing functions in BCL's impleemntation. Also it won't run as many functions are going to be not implemented and return default value. So more work will be needed in order to actually run Rotor's unit tests.

But still, that's a step toward the right direction.

OlivierNallet wrote Oct 13, 2007 at 3:59 AM

Great progress! 61 errors, 18 warnings. Only 20 different errors now, a couple of them are incorrect parsing from Reflector.

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