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CrossNet has several level of unit-tests:
  • Propreritary unit-tests.
    • This is something I have been developped to try to have the most cases in a single assembly.
    • It contains simple unit-tests, more complex tests and regression.
  • Mono's unit-tests:
    • Mono unit-tests are used as part of the process.
    • I actually had to change them so I could run each of them in one single run (instead of running n exe).
    • Some unit-tests are actually deactivated for the features that are not supported (like multi-threading, Process, AppDomain, Reflection...).
  • Rotor's unit-tests:
    • I have been integrating Rotor's unit-tests in the past few months. There is a ton of good stuff there!
    • I parse a lot of the unit-tests correctly, but some most complex cases are still not parsed correctly.
    • I'm not running them yet.
    • As for Mono's, I had to actually deactivate several unit-tests as they were not supported.

I will make the unit-tests available soon (or at least the propreritary version).

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