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How can one contribute?

In several ways!

Currently the internal API of CrossNet is still moving so it is difficult to distribute the work there, but there are many other places where one can help!

First look at the to do! and see if you can find some unit-tests that you would be interested to write.
There are so many things to test! You could even propose some fixes. Also various unit-tests have been disabled (in Mono, Rotor), one could have a look at them.

Also some major components need improvements:
  • Primitives / Array / String and StringBuilder classes are partially implemented in CrossNetRuntime.
    • One could actually complete the implementation (by writing the unit-tests first ;)
    • This is even more important as user cannot override those classes.
  • The Garbage Collector in CrossNetRuntime is not as efficient as .NET 2.0.
    • I have some ideas but I don't have time to investigate them.
    • One could actually try to make it much more efficient.
    • For example, I'd like to collect classes without having to call the finalizer, or have defragmentation and generational collection.
    • This is a tough task though, are you up to the challenge? ;)
  • The project CrossNetSystem definitively needs help!
    • Don't hesitate to write (or legally get) unit-tests / implementations for various BCL classes.
    • Or write them!

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