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Feb 11, 2014 at 4:36 AM
Iv'e been looking for something like this for converting C# game code to C++ for performance, portability and licence issues.

The MAJOR flaw with this project is the fact that it uses "Reflector" which is not cheap nor is a tool I wish to have installed on my computer.

If this tool could swap Reflector out with something Open Source or Free it would help (Was thinking Mono.Cecil?).
Also #1 issue is this project is almost impossible to find. It needs a web page. Iv'e searched and searched for something like this, but never came across something so complete.

Also most game code doesn't need more then .NET 2.0 in many cases.
The fact that people have been talking about a performance C# in a big way means there is a need and want for this... problem is this project was not advertised or promoted properly.
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